Introducing Tracy Hicks

I’m pleased to introduce (and to warmly commend) Tracy Hicks – the new face of Anglicare on Norfolk Island. Anglicare has been selected as the service provider to deliver Family and Relationship Services, Children and Parenting Support, and Emergency Relief on Norfolk Island over the next three years. Tracy is married to Steve. Barbara Elliot joins Tracy as the part time Office Administrator.


Anglicare hopes to run programmes for parents (and carers) to build parenting skills and provide tools and activities to make sure our kids get the best start in life. Tracy hopes that in time, this will include playgroups, home visiting services for families, parenting skills courses, school-readiness activities, and a peer support programmes. Even so, she would love to hear from our families’ themselves should they have any feedback, opinions, or ideas about the sort of family support that might be helpful on Norfolk Island (you can e-mail Tracy at

Anglicare is the mission and welfare arm of the Anglican Church, and while their activities will be separate and distinct from the activities of the Church of England, we do belong to the same extended family, and to begin with at least, the Anglicare office will be based out of the Parish Centre. As a church we are excited that Anglicare will working in this area because we love Norfolk Island. Our faith in Jesus Christ compels us to help the vulnerable, and be a voice for the disadvantaged. A partnership like this means we can get on with the job of being the church, while we cheer on the Anglicare team as they love and serve the families of Norfolk Island.

David Fell is the Chaplain of the Church of England on Norfolk Island

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