Trouble-with-Xianity-Small-GroupCS Lewis says we cannot go on explaining away forever, or we will find that we have explained explanation itself away.

You cannot go on ‘seeing through’ things forever. The whole point of seeing through something is to see something [else] through it. It is good that you can see through a window, because the garden beyond is opaque. But if you see through everything, then everything is transparent, and a wholly transparent world is an invisible world. So to ‘see through’ all things is the same as not to see. C.S.Lewis, The Abolition of Man

In our May sermon series we hope to show that Jesus is for seeing, thinkingpeople. During this series, we’ll be doing our best to answer some common questions people have about the Christian faith. We also want you to be able to wrestle with your questions about Christianity. Can I encourage you to start praying for a friend you might like to bring along to hear one or some of these messages in May.

The Trouble With Christianity | Why It’s So Hard To Believe 

Week 1 – There Can’t Just Be One True Religion Can There? Isn’t That Arrogant?

Week 2 – You Can’t Take the Bible Literally, Can You?

Week 3 – Hasn’t Science Disproved Christianity?

Week 4 – How Could A Good God Allow Suffering?

Week 5 – How Can A Loving God Send People To Hell?

We meet every Sunday morning at St. Barnabas Chapel from 8.30am. This is a service of Holy Communion followed by morning tea in the Parish Centre. The first Sunday of each month is a service of Morning Prayer.

We meet on Sunday afternoons at All Saints Kingston for Evening Prayer from 4.30pm. At this service, we pray the prayer of John Adams and celebrate the story of the gospel coming to the people of Pitcairn Island. Accordingly, this service is read from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. What follows is a relaxed and fun “Sing-A-Long” where we enjoy many of the original Pitcairn Island hymns. The first Sunday of each month is a service of Holy Communion at 10.00am.

Click here to read the answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions.


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