Bible Studies and Articles


Click here for a Bible Study on work. The biblical notion that work has inherent dignity is unique. The ancient Greeks thought work was a demeaning necessity. To become like the gods, humans were to withdraw from active life and contemplate ideas – better to leave the work to the slaves. Yet the Bible tells us when God became flesh, he chose to become a carpenter. For Christians, work has dignity because it is the means by which God provides and cares for our needs. God is the one quietly behind our work, providentially sustaining human life. In stark contrast to views of work as a necessary evil, the Bible views work as a gracious gift by which we serve our neighbour and show love for God.

New Service Times Vision Paper

Included in this paper are four reasons why I believe we should consider adjusting the time of our Sunday ministry. Click here to open the document: What Time Is The Right Time?

Building Trust In Your Marriage

Use the following 22 questions as a barometer to measure the trust in your marriage relationship. You should answer the questions individually, then come back together to discuss your answers. Once you’ve complete the questionnaire, read on for analysis and follow up for each question. Click here to open the questionnaire

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