Our Sunday children’s ministry is called “Barnacles”.

We meet during the 8.30am service at St. Barnabas Chapel. Currently we are working through the “Jesus Storybook Bible” and learning about God’s big picture – the epic saga of creation, fall, promise, redemption and freedom for eternity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything?

No. Barnacles is free.

Does my chid need to bring anything?

No. Craft material and morning tea is provided. Just advise one of our friendly leaders if your child has a food allergy.

Where should do I drop off and where should I pick up?

Typically the kids join the adult congregation for the welcome, a song, and the notices before leaving for the Parish Centre where Barnacles is held. At the end of the service the kids have morning tea in Parish Centre just before the adults join in.

Who should I call for more information?

For more information call the Rectory on 22293

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