All Saints

Exterior, All Saints Kingston, Norfolk Island Church of England

After the Pitcairners arrival in 1856 the Commissariat store at Kingston was converted into All Saints church. In 1874 the main or lower floor ceiling was removed to create a double story space.

All Saints Kingston, Norfolk Island, Church of England

The original Commissariat took only six months to build and was opened in 1835. The front steps were constructed after the main building masonry had been completed and are unusually positioned as they cover a part of two of the basement windows. After the Pitcairners arrival in 1856 the basement continued to be used for a store.


2 thoughts on “All Saints

  1. Dear Reverend David FELL,

    To introduce myself, I am a retired NSW Policed Officer and live on a farm near Lismore. I am the (voluntary) Welfare Officer of the Northern Rivers Branch of the Retired Police Association of NSW. Part of my duties requires me to attend the annual Remembrance Service for Police killed in the line of their duties.
    This year I was holidaying on your picturesque island and consequently I had to tender my apologizes for non attendance at the regional service at Lismore. By coincidence, I discovered on my arrival at Norfolk Island on Tuesday, 25 September, 2018 that there was a service to be held at the historic All Saints Church, Kingston.

    I would like to thank you for your very well presented service that you delivered. It was most inspiring and appropriate for the occasion. Unfortunately after the service I got involved in conversation with some former work colleagues whom I haven’t seen for many decades and consequently I missed the opportunity to speak with you after the service and thank you for your presentation.

    Incidentally, I have several cousins and a nephew who are protestant ministers in Australia. Two in Sydney and one in Brisbane and another in the south coast of NSW. I believe that the clergy are doing a wonderful job in an ever increasing time where Christianity seems to be waning in the community.

    Again, many thanks for the beautifully prepared and delivered service at your historic church in Kingston.

    Ron MAHER


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