We meet at 4.30pm on Sunday afternoons at All Saints Kingston for Evening Prayer.

At this service, we pray the prayer of John Adams and celebrate the story of the gospel coming to the people of Pitcairn Island. Accordingly, this service is read from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. What follows is a inspiring “Sing-A-Long” where we enjoy many of the original Pitcairn Island hymns. The first Sunday of each month is a service of Holy Communion at 10.00am.

Exterior, All Saints Kingston, Norfolk Island Church of England

After the Pitcairners arrival in 1856 the Commissariat store at Kingston was converted into All Saints church. In 1874 the main or lower floor ceiling was removed to create a double story space.

All Saints Kingston, Norfolk Island, Church of England

The original Commissariat took only six months to build and was opened in 1835. The front steps were constructed after the main building masonry had been completed and are unusually positioned as they cover a part of two of the basement windows. After the Pitcairners arrival in 1856 the basement continued to be used for a store.


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