Palm Sunday | Sunday 25th March 

8.30am St. Barnabas Chapel (Holy Communion)

4.30pm All Saints Kingston (Evening Prayer)

Maundy Thursday | Thursday 29th March 

6.00pm Parish Centre (Passover Meal)

Good Friday | Friday 30th March 

10.00am All Saints Kingston (Combined Churches)

Easter Sunday | Sunday 1st April 

8.30am St. Barnabas Chapel (Holy Communion)

10.00am All Saints Kingston (Holy Communion)

4.30pm All Saints Kingston (Evening Prayer)


Are you looking for a warm and welcoming church that teaches the Bible authentically? Are you looking for answers about the meaning, or complexity of life? Are you holidaying on Norfolk Island and looking for a place to worship? Regardless of your motivation for visiting our website, we’re pleased you’re here!

Who are we? We’re a warm and welcoming church whose desire is to focus on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are made up of people from all backgrounds who have found real and satisfying hope by connecting with God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Each week we meet in two of the most historically significant buildings on Norfolk Island (All Saints Kingston and St. Barnabas Chapel). For more than 150 years, these buildings have been home to people from all backgrounds, significant in their determination to love Jesus, love each other, and love Norfolk Island.

You are very welcome to join us!


2 thoughts on “Welcome To The Church of England on Norfolk Island. We love Jesus. We love each other. We love Norfolk Island.

  1. What an excellent service this morning. Thank you for the introduction to the Islands Administrator also, who I hope to catch up with shortly. Much appreciated David.


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