Wonderful News!

I have been using NT Wright’s Matthew for Everyone to prepare for our new sermon series on the “Sermon on the Mount”. I loved Wright’s translation the Beatitudes so I will paste it here for you:

Wonderful news for the poor in spirit!  The kingdom of heaven is yours!

Wonderful news for the mourners!  You’re going to be comforted!

Wonderful news for the meek!  You’re going to inherit the earth!

Wonderful news for the people who hunger and thirst for God’s justice!  You’re going to be satisfied.

Wonderful news for the merciful!  You’ll receive God’s mercy yourselves.

Wonderful news for the pure in heart! You will see God.

Wonderful news for the peacemakers! You will be called God’s children.

Wonderful news for the people who are persecuted because of God’s way!  The kingdom of heaven belongs to you. 

I love that Wright renders the word that is usually translated “blessed” as “wonderful news.”  I think that that really communicates the meaning and the emotional intent of this passage. Great stuff.

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