The Fight Against Boredom

This Sunday morning we start a new sermon series titled, “The Fight Against Spiritual Boredom.” For the next month or two we are going to work our way through the Book of Malachi – the last prophet of the Old Testament.

Malachi addresses a group of people plagued with apathy. Spiritual boredom prevailed in the lives of the Israelites. They were bored with life, bored with God’s love, with worship, with ministry, with faithfulness, and with giving. The same apathy and spiritual boredom that the Israelites experienced in the book of Malachi is still prevalent today. Are you bored with the Christian faith? If so, you need to hear the message of Malachi.

boredom (the dictionary project)What we will discover in Malachi is that  God is not boring in the least. Rather, it is because we fail to recognise God for who He really is.In the first five verses of Malachi, the Israelites have grown bored with God’s love. They ask God a simple question, “How have you loved us?” To them it was a fair question. They had been exiled is Babylon, and although they had now returned to Jerusalem, everything was a mess. The city had been destroyed. The temple had been rebuilt and the walls of the city had been rebuilt, but there was still lots of work to be done. Life was not supposed to be this difficult for God’s chosen people. If God loved them, then why was everything so hard? Maybe you’ve asked a similar question. What does it mean that God loves us, and why is life so difficult at times…

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