Daniel: Living For God On The Frontline

As Christians, we will face pressure to compromise our faith. How can we be faithful to God in a world that increasingly dismisses him? How should we engage our friends and neighbours? Is living by faith even worth it? What is the source of our courage? These are the ever-growing questions of our own day as followers of Jesus Christ. But these were also the questions of God’s people in the book of Daniel. The message of Daniel is that our sovereign God overrules evil and strengthens His people to overcome.


Daniel 1: Living For God On The Frontline


Daniel 2: The Only Ruler Of Princes


Daniel 3: But If Not…


Daniel 4: Humble Yourself And You Will Be Exalted


Daniel 5: The Writing On The Wall


Daniel 6: Daniel In The Lions Den


Daniel 7-9: Four Kingdoms Followed by the Kingdom of God


Daniel 10-12: Return From Exile

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