Take The Date Night Challenge

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You know what it feels like to be healthy…or not. You feel run down, out of balance, out of steam. The same can happen to a relationship. Are you spending too much time watching TV instead of talking? Maybe you’re involved in a love triangle… with Facebook! Maybe you’re just stressed our because of your hectic schedule? Whatever the case, let’s do everything we can to keep our relationships vital and strong – in other words, healthy.

The relationship experts all agree that when a couple have a date night once a week their levels of happiness, relationship satisfaction, communication and sexual satisfaction is 3.5 times higher than those who don’t. That means you can boost those important areas of your relationship by 350% just by booking a restaurant!

This November, Crystal and David will be facilitating a “Date Night” with a difference. “Date Night” will be held over two Thursday nights, and is all about having fun and enjoying each other. We will be using a course called “Enrich” (http://www.prepare-enrich.com.au) which helps couples celebrate their relational strengths, identify growth areas, and discover different ways to have meaningful conversations. Course materials (and a dinner at the Paradise) will be free thanks to Anglicare.

Knowing how intimidating an event like this can sometimes seem, you can be assured that you’ll be seated with your partner at a private table and that there’ll be no need to share anything with others. David says, “It’s easy to balk at doing stuff like this. Before I went along to my first relationship course with Crystal I was uncomfortable that we’d have to talk about our marriage, or have people knowing about our private business, and when I realised that we didn’t have to do that and that we could just talk at our own pace I was really relieved”. We want Date Night to be just as comfortable. The aim of Date Night is to be positive, uplifting and encouraging. David continues, “Think about all the help we get from others to improve our time management or our health or our golf game – it’s just like that. I maintain and service my car every six-months, why wouldn’t I invest in my most important relationship?”

Take the Date Night challenge:

When: Thursdays 9th and 16th November
Where: Paradise Hotel, Sirius Room
Time: 7:00pm
Cost: Free

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