Dear Parents With Young Children…

I came across an EXCELLENT article this week ( I hope you are encouraged by it. Why do I think it’s so important? Because before you have kids, no one warns you that it will profoundly change your experience of church!
Not only does getting out of the house and arriving somewhere on time require a herculean effort, but with kids needing so much attention and care, many parents can miss the feeling of getting lost in worship or challenged by an engaging sermon. Week in and week out, you show up at church feeling emptier and emptier, while the question of “Why do I bother?” grows stronger and stronger. What can make it worse is that you often don’t get to connect with other people either. After service as everyone mingles over coffee and cake, you barely manage to make eye-contact with a someone before a little person needs something from you (and it’s not always fair to expect people to stand around awkwardly waiting for me to wipe the snot off my child’s face if we haven’t even gotten past “Hello.”)

For these reasons and more. I hope you are encouraged to read this.

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