Here are 5 ways that we can be praying for our church family and other churches as well.

1. Pray for a Hunger for the Bible.

Imagine a church that longs to open the Bible each morning to discover anew the truth of God’s character and conquests. Imagine hearts so overflowing with the Bible that our text messages, conversations, and prayers just drip with the Scriptures.

Our Father, give our church—give me—delight in your Word. Help me always to hunger for your truth. Lord, make our church a Bible-saturated church.

2. Pray for Thankfulness.

A thankful church should not be taken for granted, and an unthankful church is not what God wants for us! The Apostle Paul identifies being unthankful as the beginning of unbelief (Romans 1:21). One way we can be praying for our churches is to plead with God that we would be thankful.

God, make us to be a church that is thankful to You and for You. May you captivate our hearts, minds, and wills so that our everyday circumstances are transcended by the fact that You are for us in Christ.

3. Pray for Gospel Growth.

Jesus commissioned us as missionaries (Matthews 28:19) and churches have been preaching the gospel ever since. This cannot happen, however, with churches full of people unmoved by the gospel. The truth of the gospel must get down deep into the marrow of our beings, into our very souls. It is a truth that must colour every thought, action, and reaction.

God, strengthen us in the gospel. Draw us deeply into the glory of Christ. Make us more and more impressed with Him every day. Help us to grow in the gospel and walk in a manner worthy of it.

4. Pray for Holiness.

Peter calls us to be holy because God Himself is holy (1 Peter 1:15).

Our holy God, help us to want and to pursue Your holiness.

5. Pray for Unity.

The gospel brings people together. What’s more, it brings sinful people with various backgrounds (geographic, ethnic, economic, etc.) together. The gospel takes selfish people and helps us to love one another. However, we know from reading the New Testament and from experience that selfishness constantly threatens unity. How do we stop this? We are told to preserve unity (Ephesians 4:2) by walking in a manner that is worthy of the gospel. This is a humble, gentle, enduring, and loving walk.

Father, You are one in three persons. There is such a loving, happy unity in the Trinity. Make our church—make me—feel this happiness. Help us to be united together, as a church, and in love.

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